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Peace Game

There is no challenge in finding a negative in others.  What's the challenge in that?  The challenge (game) is to help and inspire others by helping them realize their gift.   Everyone has a gift!  How can you help them network online and achieve their goals?  Everything is FREE!  RecognizeGood!
The Peace Game that you can not only play from your computer, but you can play from your cell phone.  Now you can help and inspire others instantaneously converting your words as you type in another language.  The Peace Game is now being played in over 200 countries. 
How To Play The Game:

Everyone starts playing the game by being mentored via an online PIF Mentor Chat Challenge because the mentor cannot mentor their mentee until he/she can Learn their mentee's purpose, so that the mentor can help their mentee Organize their passion to identify and Volunteer their gift, so that the mentee can now Engage their heart.  
After 30 minutes the mentee is also trained during this session so that after 30 minutes the mentee becomes a PIF Mentor so that they can now Pass the L.O.V.E. Forward too. 
A Pass It Forward (PIF) Mentor only mentors in their gift, and the rest of the mentoring takes place by introducing their mentee's to other like-minded people and organizations that also want to make a positive difference in this world.  When a mentor makes a positive connection by helping and inspiring others, they are lighting another light. 
Online mentors (players) help and inspire others, and as they do this, they not only brighten their own light, but they also light up other along the way.  Players will be able to see how they stand compared with the rest of their family, and among friends, and in their school, neighborhood, city, county, state, region and even country. Each player will be able to track their results, and see other player’s results too.  
PIF Mentor Oath

I choose to live in joy while involved with the L.O.V.E. it Forward Movement.  I will inspire others. I will only transfer a positive feeling to my Mentee.   I will believe in my Mentee.  I will always practice compassion as recognition of oneness.  I am willing to help my Mentee get what they want by helping them network with other like-minded people online. Forgiveness is essential.  Everyone who is part of the Pass The L.O.V.E. Forward Movement accepts everyone for who they are.   
How can WE win?
The object of the game is to light up the world. 

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