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Please consider a contribution to the WHALE Center.

With your help our programs can grow even stronger.


Whether it is an international initiatiave such as Global Healing, an interfaith program such as URI, a program to support sustainability such as UPEC, or a humanitarian effort such as the Southern Sudan Eduation Project, a program to protect the oceans such as the Waves of Change campaign, the WHALE Center is making a difference in the world.

We thank you for what you do to create a better world as well.

The WHALE Center's Mission is to facilitate healing with individuals, groups, communities, nations, and the Earth in cooperation with others.

We hope you will find a way to participate in one of our programs.

WHALE is a 501 (c) 3 organization and contributions are tax-deductible as much as the law allows.

Your donation on your credit card will show up as a charge to the WHALE Center.

We very much appreciate your support.


Questions or need assistance?  Please email or call David Randle to answer your quetions or obtain assistance.

Florida - 727-388-6675

Utah    - 801-349-2693



Randle, D. (2015). Donate to the WHALE Center. Retrieved from http://www.trunity.net/whale/view/news/51cbf02e7896bb431f6a0924


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