PCGS Sustainable Tourism Goes To EPCOT - 1 spot left

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PCGS Sustainable Tourism Experiential Learning
Friday November 6th, 2015
EPCOT At Walt Disney World

Cost $17.00 (Does not include Park Admission)

Limited to first 16 registrations



The event will begin with an optional breakfast at the Wave Restaurant at Walt Disney World Contemporary Resort.  The Wave is known as the most sustainable food and local sourced food oriented restaurant at Walt Disney World. 

The Wave serves market-inspired, sustainable dishes and has an advanced menu. The food is good, the service is outstanding.

We will then board the Monorail for EPCOT where we will experience sustainable tourism practices, marketing, sustainable tourism messaging, and operations in practice.


The tour will feature a private “Behind the Seed Tour” followed by a private meeting with Dr. Fred Pettit, Agriculture and Water Sciences Director, Walt Disney World

The Behind the Seeds tour is an excellent way to get a closer look at the four greenhouses and fish farm that are part of the Living with the Land attraction at The Land pavilion at Epcot®. During the tour, there will be an opportunity to get “up close and personal” with plants, insects, fish, and alligators to explore and discover new things, not only through watching and listening but through many fun and engaging hands-on activities.

Behind the Seeds Tour Highlights include:

  • Testing your senses with an herb-and-spice challenge and a vegetable taste-test
  • Visiting the fish farm during feeding time while also checking out the alligators
  • Possible lady bug release into the greenhouse to help protect the plants
  • Exploring amazing crops from around the world and gigantic fruits and vegetables, all grown without soil – bring your camera for some real close-ups!
  • Discovering some of the latest plant-growing techniques
  • Take home ideas for your own garden

Dr. Fred Petitt is the Agriculture and Water Sciences Director of Disney Parks.  Fred received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida and is a member of several organizations including: Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Entomological Society of America, American Society for Horticultural Sciences




Other Highlights of the Day Will include the topics of:

  • Experiential tourism marketing through virtual tours
  • The Circle of Life, an environmental fable of the consequences of building a non-sustainable tourism resort called Hakuna Matata Lakeside Village and the ethic needed to restore the balance of nature
  • Background on the creation of EPCOT and hidden symbolism
  • Conservation programs and messaging for the Oceans
  • The role of technology and communication for future cities and tourism
  • The use of solar power to power the theme park and attractions
  • Technology to manage water use
  • Exploring the World Show Case and its presentations of cultures from around the world
  • An opportunity to experience food from over 30 nations at the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival
  • Illuminations: Reflections of the Earth - This how utilizes fireworks, pyrotechnics, laser lights, fountains, and fire to create a visual production on the park's World Showcase Lagoon. The show is divided into three parts. Part One The Earth is Born, Part Two, The Triumph of Life, and Part Three Hope for the Future

Illuminations: Reflections of the Earth




Suggestions for Purchasing Disney Park Pass

A normal One Day Park Pass at EPCOT is $94.00 plus tax for a total of $103.31

If however you purchase a 3 Day Park Pass which you can use any three days in the next six months the price is only $63 per day or a total of $189 plus tax for a total of $201.29

You can also choose a 4 Day Park Pass which you can use any three days in the next six months where the price is only $52.25 per day or $209 plus tax for a total of $222.59

Since we will be having an experiential learning experience next Semester at the Disney Animal Kingdom, you will already have two occasions for needing a park ticket within a six month period.  By purchasing the three day or four day ticket you will not only save money for each day of our PCGS programs but also have one or two free days for yourself to enjoy.


NOTE:  DO NOT PURCHASE TICKETS BEFORE OCTOBER 23, 2015 in order to do both PCGS within the six month period.

To qualify for the Florida Resident Rate you must meet one of the following criteria:

To qualify as a Florida Resident

Proof of a Florida residential address is required. For each ticket purchased for an adult, you may provide any of the following:

  • Valid Florida driver's license
  • Valid Florida state-issued ID card (must have a Florida address)
  • Valid Florida-based military ID

If you do not have one of the IDs indicated above, then for each ticket purchased for an adult you must provide one of the following dated within the last 2 months and evidencing a Florida residential address (not a PO Box) together with a corresponding picture ID (passport, driver's license, state identification card):

  • Monthly mortgage statement
  • Florida vehicle registration or title
  • Homeowner's insurance policy or bill
  • Automobile insurance policy or bill
  • Utility bill
  • Mail from a financial institution, including checking, savings or investment account statement
  • Mail from a federal, state, county or city government agency

The persons who will use the Florida Resident adult tickets must be present at the time of ticket pick up. A print of an electronic bill of the type described above is acceptable. Photocopies and fax copies of bills are not acceptable.




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