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Vision Literacy


Welcome to Vision Literacy 

Vision Literacy empowers adults in Santa Clara County through improving their literacy skills. Our nationally recognized and accredited programs aid individuals to reach personal goals and participate in their community. 



What is Literacy?


Did you know?

Literacy is the ability to read, write, compute, and use technology at a level that enables an individual to reach his or her full potential as a parent, employee, and community member.   

To be functionally literate is to possess the ability to utilize these skills everyday.  

Silicon Valley is not immune - 1 in 4 people are functionally illiterate.

  • 7 million Americans cannot read words
  • 27 million Americans cannot complete a job application
  • 30 million cannot read a simple sentence
  • 14 countries rank higher in literacy than the United States
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"It is disturbing to me to realize the number of people in our community who struggle daily to read. Reading skills are essential for improving the quality of one's life.  As a child I enjoyed reading Tom Swift adventure books.  I can't imagine my life had I not been able to read." 

- Steve Wozniak co-Founder of Apple Computer and Chair of Honorary Board of Vision Literacy. 


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