Grassroots Recycling Network: Zero Waste Index

Source: Grassroots Recycling Network Website
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This is a website compiled by the Grassroots Recycling Network located in California. Zero Waste is just one of the topics that GRRN addresses in their work, but the Zero Waste Index provides concise, practical tools for initiating Zero Waste campaigns and programs in local neighborhoods. It includes information on how to talk with elected official and government officers on this topic, as well as information about planning Zero Waste events. There is an excellent list of links to other Zero Waste initiative websites and an annotated list of additional resources. Among other gems, this site includes a list of principles for running Zero Waste businesses and tons of information about Zero Waste College Campuses.



Dunford, A. (2009). Grassroots Recycling Network: Zero Waste Index. Retrieved from


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