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Upcycled Art

While much of the world may not be at all familiar with the idea of upcycling as a way of life, the artistic community has long been a proponent of "something from nothing."  By creating works out of waste artists are showing the beauty that is present in the most mundane of things or one man's trash is another's treasure.  Their also saving money on costly supplies.  These indivdiual efforts show how we can seperate ourselves from the waste cycle and embrace the now profitable efforts that can exist alongside zero-waste living.

  • Jason Rogenes - Upcycling Sculptor Featured Article Jason Rogenes - Upcycling Sculptor Jason Rogenes - Upcycling Sculptor

    Jason Rogenes - Upcycling Artist in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, USA Jason Rogenes uses mundane packing materials, such as cardboard and styrofoam, to create sculptural constructions... More »

  • Upcycling from Trash to Treasure Featured Article Upcycling from Trash to Treasure Upcycling from Trash to Treasure

     "Junkyard Art," a two-week adventure in "up-cycling," gave participants a new perspective on trash along with a chance to transform discarded objects into flights of artful... More »

  • Art and Upcycling Featured Blog Post Art and Upcycling Art and Upcycling

    For the past three years, since I first learned about the idea of upcycling, I have come across a lot of upcycled "art." It seems like folks from the arts and crafts world have... More »

  • Upcyled Art Featured Photo Gallery Upcyled Art Upcyled Art

    Here is a gallery with a smattering of examples of upcycled art. More »

  • The Visible Trash Society Featured Article The Visible Trash Society The Visible Trash Society

    This great blog is an incredible gold mine (or trash heap) of information about upcycling in its many forms. It includes information on everything from books about upcycling, to... More »

  • Recycled Art Exhibit: Viable Resources Featured Blog Post Recycled Art Exhibit: Viable Resources Recycled Art Exhibit: Viable Resources

    Viable Resources is the title of the art show at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center (Level 2 Galleria) in Seattle, on view now until June 30, 2009. Featuring ... More »

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Junk Mail Art: The story of Sandhi Schimmel Gold Last Updated on 2011-06-13 00:00:00 Ever since I dove into this upcycling portal I have been inspired by the junk mail artist, Sandhi Schimmel Gold and her incredible mosaic portraits made from waste paper. I receive her regular newsletters and always love seeing her latest pieces. To visit Sandhi's site and sign up for the newsletter click here.                      A few months ago My Generation made a video about the artist's story of walking off of her full-time job to make amazing art out of waste paper. Click here to view the video. More »
matter! where art and sustainability hang together Last Updated on 2011-06-12 19:16:53 Photos from matter!, an amazing store in Olympia, WA featuring recycled, repurposed and upcycled goods. For more information see their page on this portal. Information on artists not provided here, but for a full online catalog, visit matter's website: http://www.matteroly.com/ More »
matter! where art and sustainability hang together Last Updated on 2011-06-12 00:00:00 matter! is a contemporary fine art gallery featuring original artworks from over 100 artists using recycled and reclaimed materials; sculpture, garden art, furniture, lighting, jewelry, paintings and other wall art. If you have questions about an artwork or artist, need help buying a gift, or want to learn about artworks on the way, email or call! And if you're anywhere near Olympia, WA - come visit! We're open everyday. Check out a slideshow of some of the stuff at matter! To shop now, you can browse by category or by artist on the matter! website. Have fun! matter! was started by these fascinating people: Owner & General Manager: Jo Gallaugher Jo has 20 years business experience and a long-standing love for artworks incorporating reclaimed materials. She holds an MBA from University of California Irvine, and a BA in Political Science from University of Washington. Jo has... More »
Arts & Scraps: Industrial Remnants and Artistic Creation Last Updated on 2010-04-06 00:00:00 An interview with Peg Upmeyer of Arts and Scraps, a 21-year old upcycling organization that uses industrial scrap materials to help people of all ages and abilities think, create and learn. It´s a great a approach and interesting interview with Arts and Scraps´co-founder. Industrial remnants and artistic creation—two things you may not associate with each other that when paired, create a social phenomenon called Arts and Scraps. Arts and Scraps is a nonprofit organization in Detroit’s eastside, a location conducive to acquiring plenty of industrial scrap materials. Arts and Scraps reclaims and reuses materials that would otherwise be thrown away and with them, creates engaging and interactive art education programs for children and adults. I recently sat down with Peg Upmeyer, Co-Founder and Executive Director, to discuss their work, their approach to education, and the impact... More »
Functional Upright Bases from Old Gas Tanks Last Updated on 2009-06-11 00:00:00 This is pretty amazing upcycled technology if you ask me . . . technology, or art or somewhere in between . . . technology that makes art? Anyhow I just heard about this brother of a friend of a friend of mine, Slim. . .  apparently he makes stand-up bases out of discarded gas tanks (big ones, I would think). If anyone else has ever heard of anything like this, please let me know. Slim, if you're out there and want to share your stuff online . . . there's a space for you here! Pretty Cool! - Aerin Here's a shot of the mysterious Slim jammin' out on one of his upcycled basses:   More »