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Maitreyi Amma: Love & Wisdom from the East

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The Unity Made Visible Learning Series featured a special guest on June 10, 2010 – a radiant holy woman from France named Maitreyi Amma.

Maitreyi Amma was born blind in Normandy, France. Christ and the Virgin Mary used to appear to her frequently and guide her. A child full of joy, she recovered sight miraculously at the age of six. In 1996, after raising a family, Maitreyi Amma was free to accomplish her quest at last: she left for India. After more than a year, she encountered Śrī Tathāta and recognized him as the most purely divine being on earth – and also as the yogi who used to support and instruct her during her childhood. She now travels throughout the world, giving conferences, teachings and Darshans, where she is in union with Śrī Tathāta and radiates the light and grace of the Divine Mother.

The evening was held at the Chapel at Croton Falls, a lovely environment for Maitreyi Amma's gentle talk and warm smile. All were enthralled by her simple yet profound teachings. She told us how children come from an experience of Divine love, so their parents' love is especially important while they are young. She spoke of the "om" sound as the vibration before the Word of God that brings about all of creation, and she taught a special way of chanting that she said can make us hear the music of the spheres. Maitreyi Amma stressed the importance of the times in which we are living and the importance of meditating together, even in small groups.

In fact, her words were so inspiring that a meditation group has formed in the Chapel, meeting every Thursday evening at 7 pm. For information, please contact Suzanne Ironbiter <[email protected]>.

Maitreyi Amma offered "darshan," a special personal blessing to each one who requested it. Everyone hopes that we will see Maitreyi Amma again when her travels bring her nearby.



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