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Interfaith Humor




––Briggs, Paul S.  “Interfaith Made Easy” Satire presented at AJC Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast, November 19, 2009.

When we come together as people of different faiths, we must come with the understanding that Christians will express faith in Jesus as Lord but with no intention to proselytize though much of the language of Christianity is evangelical. And Christians must have no expectation that Jews will move beyond, “The Lord our God the Lord is One.” This is why I recommend the program we use to do our interfaith work. That’s right, today you too can begin interfaith work with Interfaith Made Easy.

Interfaith Made Easy will help you to talk openly about your faith without having your faith threatened. Interfaith Made Easy provides you with mind changing words from figures such as Thomas Jefferson, who believed that if you have to have to force your religion on others, you must not have very much faith in your religion (see Draft For A Bill For Establishing Religious Freedom, 1779.) And Abraham Heschel who expressed, knowing that someone else is gaining greater spirituality through their faith gives me hope that I can do the same through my faith saying, “there is depth, profundity and beauty in other faiths and no one has a monopoly on the truth about God or how things work in the world. With humility we listen to God and we do our best to do God’s work in the world” (from Speaking of Faith, NPR podcast). 

Interfaith Made Easy helps you drop your presuppositions about others, rise above past prejudices and habits of tradition, yes Interfaith Made Easy will even help you not to equate a faith with it adherents or stereotype all people of a given faith.  If you call now, 1-800-INTERFAITH, you’ll even receive the Have an Open Mind DVD and Interfaith for Dummies, which shows you it’s just not smart not to be open to interfaith work in a pluralistic society. This is the original Interfaith Made Easy, not Ecumenical Made Easy; Ecumenical services are easy enough but interfaith work is a little more challenging. 

If you call right now 1-800-INTERFAITH, we will also include the You Keep Your Faith and I’ll Keep Mine CD. And for our Christian customers, so used to having it their way, for no additional cost you’ll receive, This is Not a Christian Nation Meditation Guide. This will help those who are struggling with the new mosque down the road or the faith statement, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet,” or those troubled about how to respond to the Jewish temple that keeps inviting them to its Seder. 

And last but not least if you call right, right now, 1-800-INTERFAITH, for free you’ll learn to work with those who have no faith—confused?  Well, you need the Our Doors are Open to Atheists Guide for the Perplexed. In this manual you’ll learn that atheist does not equal iniquity.Included are important facts, including the fact that the evangelical divorce rate is higher than that of atheists. 

So you too can be doing interfaith work tomorrow with Interfaith Made Easy. So call now, 1-800-INTERFAITH, because interfaith work is not easy.