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How To - Add A Slideshow to your site or Topic

A slideshow differs from a Photo Gallery in that is can only use images with a url, it can be associated only at the site or topic level, it can have an internal caption and it can have a link attached to the image directly through the creation process. As the slides are web based, the image size comes from the site where they originated and the slideshow software attempts to fit any image into the slideshow, regardless of actual size or orientation. For this reason landscape images work better that an image with a portrait orientation. To fill the space for a slideshow image area, the ideal image should be about 735x330 pixels.

The steps to create a Slideshow left

1. Click on the "Options" icon at the upper of the page and select "Manage Site"

2. Click on "Graphics and Tools" and then "Slide Shows

3. Click on the "Create New Slide Show" button

Create New Slide Show

4. Complete the New Slide Show Form shown below


Slide Show Editing Form

5. Enter the Name for the New Slide Show

6. Set the transition speed for the slides to change, this can be adjusted at any time.

7.  You can set the panel color and text color using hex values for the desired hues

8. Enter the url where the image resides

9. Enter the caption title

10. Enter the caption text, a longer description of the image

11. If you wish to have a link to additional information, enter the link here

12. Then decide if this image will be active in the slide show

13. Continue to add slides until the show is complete and then select where in the taxonomy the show should display

14. Save the Slide Show 


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