Action Bar User Interface Updates

July 11, 2012, 12:59 pm
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Action Bar

New Release Features

We are excited to announce a major user interface upgrade for the Trunity platform.  All the functionality you’ve come to expect from the platform is still available, but can now be accessed via a more intuitive look-and-feel.   Here’s a brief overview of the changes:


New Action Bar location

New Action Bar

The ‘Action Bar’ allows authors and administrators to access the site features on the platform, as well as personal account info.  Previously located at the bottom of the screen,  the Action Bar is now in a more prominent and persistent location at the top of the screen.

The Action Bar features are accessed using the Site Bar on the left and Account Bar on the right.


Site Bar

The Site Bar provides access to functionality related to the current site.  The available options on the Site bar are determined by the user’s permission level.

Manage Textbook

Repository/Textbook Options

The Site Options item (renamed [Repository] or [Textbook], depending upon the type of site) allows the user to access site management functionality, view a list of site members or send an email to the site administrator.


Manage Textbook options

Manage Repository/Textbook

Clicking on the “Manage …” link displays the “Edit …” screen.  In addition to modifying site information, the menu in the left column allows the user to Invite Members, Create & Manage Assignments and Exams, and view the site’s Gradebook.


Add Content menu

Add Content

We’ve simplified the process of creating content by placing the Add Content button in the Site Bar.  From here, the user can create content in just a few clicks.


Live Cross Publishing options

Live Cross Publishing

For users that want to bring content into theirclass, textbook, or collection, the Live Cross Publish option is now prominently displayed.  The usage price reflects the cost that is passed onto a student if this content were included in a virtual textbook or classroom.  (This capability is still in development, so most of the available content is Free).


Account Bar options

Account Bar

The right side of the new Action Bar shows options that pertain specifically to the user’s Trunity account. 

From here, users can Edit their profile or access theirDashboard, Messages, Calendar and Notifications.  Our new Bookmarks option allows you to save links of Trunity locations for easy retrieval. The My Bookshelf feature provides a list all of the sites of which you are a member.


We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the Trunity platform.   We’re excited to hear from you with any of the comments, questions, or ideas you might have about our latest improvements.   Please let us know how we are doing by sending your messages to [email protected].


The Trunity Team



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