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Robert K. Kaufmann is Professor of Earth and Environment at Boston University. Before coming to the BU, he was an economist at the WEFA Group and Chase Econometrics and a research scientist at Complex Systems Research Center at the University of New Hampshire. He received his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania in 1988 and a BS from Cornell University in 1979.

Professor Kaufmann teaches several undergraduate classes in energy and the environment, including Introduction to Environmental Science, Intermediate Environmental Science, and a course about environmental history. At the graduate level, he teaches classes in resource and environmental economics, ecological economics, and applied time series econometrics.

In addition to Environmental Science, Professor Kaufmann has written two other books, several book chapters, and more than sixty peer review papers on topics ranging from world oil markets, global climate change, and land use change to the global carbon cycle and ecological economics. Appearing in a variety of natural and social science journals, including Science, Nature, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, these papers have been cited more than one thousand times and have won awards from the International Association of Energy Economists, Scientific American, and the U.S. Wildlife Federation. Interviews with the author and his research results have appeared on the NBC Nightly News and the CBS Nightly News programs, as well as in National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, and about a hundred newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Financial Times.

Professor Kaufmann’s research efforts have been funded by approximately a million dollars in grants from institutions such as the National Science Foundation, NASA, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Betty and Gordon Moore Foundation. In addition to doing consulting work for Nomura Securities, the European Central Bank, the World Bank, and the U.S. Department of Energy, Professor Kaufmann has also served as a panel member for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the NASA Land Use/Land Cover Change Steering Committee, and the Project LINK Modeling Center, which maintains a global econometric model for the United Nations.

Professor Kaufmann is married to Shauna Tannebaum, and together they have two children, Rachel and Eve. In addition to “nachas from kinder,” his happiness comes from racing his bicycle, looking for snakes and lizards while hiking, and fishing with his brother David in the fabulous Florida Keys.

Cutler J. Cleveland is Professor of Earth and Environment at Boston University, where he also is on the faculty of the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies. He also is a Senior Fellow at the National Council for Science and the Environment in Washington D.C., where he serves on the Executive Board of the Council of Energy Research and Education Leaders (CEREL).  Dr. Cleveland is Chief Education Officer at Trunity, Inc., a leading global provider of living virtual digital textbooks and eLearning solutions.

Dr. Cleveland is author and editor of acclaimed reference works on energy that include the Encyclopedia of Energy (Elsevier, 2004), winner of an American Library Association award, the Dictionary of Energy (Elsevier, 2005), the Concise Encyclopedia of the History of Energy, and the Handbook of Energy (Elsevier, 2013).  He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopedia of Earth, named the Best Geoscience Website by the Geoscience Information Society. Dr. Cleveland is the recipient of the Adelman-Frankel Award from the United States Association of Energy Economics for “unique and innovative contributions to the field of energy economics.” He is co-author of Environmental Science, the Web’s first entirely electronic introductory textbook on the subject.  Dr. Cleveland’s research on the valuation of ecosystem services, funded by the National Science Foundation, is highlighted in NSF’s Top Discoveries series.  Dr. Cleveland has been a consultant to numerous private and public organizations, including the Asian Development Bank, the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development, Charles River Associates, the Energy Information Administration, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Dr. Cleveland holds a B.S. in Ecology from Cornell University, a M.S. in Marine Science from Louisiana State University, and a Ph. D. in Geography from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.



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