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Name: Sharon Matrisciano
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Sharon Anita Matrisciano

SEO-ROI, Social Media Optimizing Architects        
Agent-Publicist-Project Manager             
1. 702.492.9003
1. 800.575.1994
SKYPE: SoundMarketing.Mobi




SOUND MARKETING.Mobi is a Social Media Optimizer.


Social Media Optimizing + ROI Social Media Platform Integration + Viewer Engagement Architect.

• We build and sustain social media contacts to generate weekly inspired audience connections

  and develop engaged organic audience response for businesses, person, and product.


• We deliver weekly structured story-images about businesses that speak to their viewers interest.

  Our ‘Inspire to Engage’ optimizing results are verifiable with each upload. 


• We execute one-to-one, social media content to inspire organic viewer/listener/customer returns and

  contagious testament about a business to their friends. 


• We deliver weekly viewer interested, client content for viral sharing.

Sharon's experience spans over 17 years beginning in Paris, Corsica, Papua New Guinea, Australia and the United States. 

Her portfolio includes work for: Lucas Films, Universal Studios, Disney-Capt. EO, Revlon, Sunkist, Revlon, Weber, Corona Beer, with presentations to National Geographic, NASA, the Smithsonian, Saatchi-Saatchi, Colgate, J&J, FCB, DDB Needham, StrideRite, and others.




                                                                           Sharon's focus on promotion, design, marketing, sales, and communication with ability to provide hard supportive data to clients.

• Mill Rose Inn Half Moon Bay, CA. 
• Damaris Morales Music Studio
• Pissed Off Productions™ 
• The Floortime Center™ - Bethesda, MD. Jake Greenspan
• Michel Rousset ~ French Musician Composer

Past work:
• Blue Dragon Studios ~ Henderson, NV
• Master Mix Live Audio Engineering + Mixing
• Karl Rucker - Bassist, Producer ~ Malibu, CA
• Scott Revey ~ singer/musician ~ Agent-Publicist
• - Flyer-logo-banner ~ FL
- Nabisco Corp. Hdq. ~ East Hanover, NJ
- AMA - American Management Association ~ Lenexa, KS.
- Snowbird Resort - Wellness Program Marketing ~ Snowbird, UT
- eMotion iMage - 3-D Lenticular marketing,

 sales & traffic ~ Richmond, CA
- Ketchum Communications ~ SF CA
- Chiat/Day Advertising ~ SF CA
- Kellly/Nason UNIVAS ~ SF CA
• ELTON Jeffrey Allen ~ Entertainer



We Focus on Achieving _ increased and extended customer connection for engagement with clients'

products and services, via the social media cloud. Resulting in sustainable engaged social media

audience with a vested interest in each unique client/product or service.

Comprehensive SMO analysis, SEO campaigns with Return On Investment promotion designed by

Sharon is an essential focus to optimize extended customer reach, including, inspired customer

re-contacts for engaged connection, not just clicks or fans.

An Expressive - Receptive Communication Display can be experienced in a wide-variety of

multi-media executions on as many anchor and support social media sites as the product dictates.



EDUCATION ~ Colleges & Universities: 

Academy of Art College
79 New Montgomery St • San Francisco, C.A. 94105
1972 B.F.A. Degree: Fashion Design, Illustration & Communications.



2800 Turk Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118

1972 Degree: BFA Fashion Design, Illustration & Communications.

UNLV ~ University of Nevada at Las Vegas 
4505 S Maryland Pkwy • Las Vegas NV
1972 Studies: French Language 

La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne
45 Rue Saint Roch • Paris France 75001
1974 Degree: C.A.P. Professional Degree, Commerce, Couture & Fashion Design

University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton Street • SF, CA 94117
1976 Studies: Business Law, Marketing

Touro University - Nevada
874 American Pacific Dr. • Henderson, NV 89014
2006 Studies: Early Childhood Education

Art Institute of Las Vegas 
2350 Corporate Circle • Henderson, NV 89074
Web Design & Multi Media • 2008 - 2011