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Myntra clothes are mostly clean and free of visual clutter. This can be good for accessorizing but can also be bad for the overall “Wow” factor of your look. Let’s continue on with our review of the Myntra 2009 Resort Collection. ( Do not miss myntra discount offers )

When I first saw this myntra dress I liked it but that was before I knew the inspiration for the collection was a passage through India. I’m still asking myself where the Indian inspiration really is. There isn’t much to say about this dress, its just plain boring. Nothing is really going wrong with this dress and consequently there isn’t much to celebrate about it either. The skirt of this dress is covered with what appears to be a light grey chiffon, which does nothing to help with the over all blah of a blue fabric that the rest of the dress is made of.  I’m not feeling this dress but I would appreciate a closer look at those shoes.

While the majority of other Myntra designers that released 2009 resort collections, used a lot of black, Myntra decided to use navy blue.  The color of this dress is great but why is the fabric so heavy? It looks like this dress is made out of wool. I cannot justify making a dress out of wool its just too hot. Patch pockets on a dress don’t really do it for me especially when the fabric is so thick to begin with. This dress is very Chanel-ish right down to the oversized buttons.

Within the sleeves of this coat Peter Som has made use of the tiered skirt trend in a while new way by adding extra tiers to the sleeves. The yellow in this Myntra coat is so subtle you almost miss it entirely. Three quarter sleeves are really fun for a coat and they’re even more fun when they’re tiered.  All of the lines from the waistband to the center front remind me of the way a ribbon wraps around a present. I really like this idea of taking off this coat to dramatically reveal a beautiful cocktail dress, just like opening a present

I believe this Myntra dress to be far nicer than it looks. It is the models lack of makeup and hairstyle that really bring down this dress. I like that this dress can  be worn on many occasions due to the length of the skirt. A knee length dress is suitable for weddings and also to cocktail hour. This dress is simple like so many other in the Myntra 2009 Resort Collection but for some reason it speaks to me more than the others. I can’t really tell what the design is on the surface of this almost nude fabric, due to the swirlly look of things, I’m hoping its paisley.

All in all the Myntra 2009 Resort Collection didn’t disappoint me as much as others. I like the idea of Indian inspiration all though I didn’t see it in action at all. Maybe I am looking for an interpretation that is more literal or maybe Peter Som just missed the mark. Despite how I feel about this collection I want to like Peter Som. Here’s to hoping his next collection is a little bolder and a lot more colorful.