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Name: Lyle Birkey
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Lyle's dedication to environmentalism began in with his climatological research in NOAA's Office of Global Programs. With a heightened awareness of the threat of climate change, Lyle focused his undergraduate degree on Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon where he was accredited departmental honors. During his time at the U. of O., Lyle took part in establishing the University's Climate Leadership Initiative and was subsequently hired by the City of Corvallis, Oregon to create a pilot Sustainable Operations Plan.

After graduating for the U. of O., Lyle saw the need for industry awareness of renewable energy solutions and joined Antenna Group Public Relations in San Francisco, California to broadcast the immense potential of emerging high-tech solar energy companies. As an Account Coordinator there, Lyle gained a deep knowledge of the renewable energy industry and its competing technologies.

Lyle managed the communications components of NCSE's 10th, 11th, and 12th National Conferences. He currently serves as the Managing Editor of the Encyclopedia of Earth and the Communications Officer for the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS).