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happy birthday images brother Also this tip may sound funny in the first moment. Try to make sure you are relaxed. Especially when your everyday life is very stressful and the overall very tense, this tip is worth gold. Often you lie down in bed and it feels good first, you lie on the side and pull your legs easily and you feel fundamentally good. But actually the tension of days, weeks, years is still in your body. Stretch, turn, move, and then find a position where you're really relaxed. And if you need to position your pillow 8 times differently to feel comfortable, then do this. If no other way helps, just lay flat on your stomach and leave the pillow, just turn your head aside.

Tip number 3: Flow of thoughts

happy birthday images brother This is the way you let your thoughts slip. If you are lying in bed and can not fall asleep, start spinning a story in your head. This can be anything. Go through the last day from the first minute: What did you do right after getting up, do you remember the path to the bathroom? What did you eat for breakfast? What words did you speak first, etc.?

Alternatively, you can create a story yourself. Imagine you're rowing in a small boat to an island. The water is turquoise-blue, you are rowing to the coast to the rhythm of your breathing. What do you do when you arrive, the boat is on the beach, and you are out happy birthday images for her? Try to reach a coconut on a palm tree? Do you lie in the sand and enjoy the sun? Spinn the story further, sleep comes by itself!

I have already described this form of relaxation exercise extensively in the article on progressive muscle relaxation. But it does not always have to be the whole process. So that you can fall asleep, it is sometimes enough to simply relax your entire body (all the muscles you create at the same time) for 5-10 seconds and then relax again. Do this 3-4 times and you will notice how suddenly you get tired. happy birthday images brother.

Tip number 5: Yawning

"Yawning is on" say the people - and somehow is synonymous, right? But yawning is not just about it, it also makes you tired. If you notice during the other tips that a yawning is announced, then take the chance and yahne long and extensively! A yawn leads to the next and you get tired. Just try it out! happy birthday images brother.