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Name: Daniel P. Warren
Member Since: June 9th, 2013
Member Name: TheFamily
Last Logged In: December 1st, 2013
Location: Geraldton, AU., AK

A family man, married with 3 children, a Grandfather of 5, a Great grandfather of 1.

Researcher and Writer, An Advocate of The Kiss Principles and Applied applications of Critical Reasoning.

Professionally: A retired General Builder from Western Australia:
Holder of a Master Builders License; 2 Trade certificates: Too many Building qualifications to list:
Further studies include Counseling; a Hon’s Degree in Psychology; Sociology; Philosophy; Engineering; Architecture; Building Technician: a life time seeker of knowledge, and truth.


Personal Interests: My familiy and The Family Care Organisation.

Research and Knowledge acquisition..

Philosophy, Meta Physics, Sociology, Psychology, anything relating to the human Condition!

Background: 3rd youngest child of 11, Father a 2nd world war vet, a man who endured a life time of pain, ”incurred from his service” but still managed to father 11 children and rear them with values rarely seen in today’s world.

Mother was a Minister in the Salvation Army, “A Christian religious group” a very devout lady, with an enormous capacity for compassion.

We were an extremely poor family in my younger years, some would consider us as born on the wrong side of the railway tracks, or trailer trash, but we had intense family and social values installed in us at a very early age.

All my siblings myself included left school and commenced working to help the family finances at the age of 14, the earliest legal age of those days, our wages went into the family coffers, as there were no such thing as social security back then.

As a typical Aussie youth of the era I joined the army at the age of 18, got my military brain washing, but more importantly I learnt self-discipline, a thing I was totally lacking in.

Married the same year, “because I had to do the right thing” 2nd child was born one year after our first! By the time my service was over, I was married with 2 children, no job or prospects, but a lot of self-discipline and the skills of a typical Aussie battler!

Since those days my life has gone from power to more power, every catastrophe, followed by a success, need provided the incentive for education, education lead to hunger, hunger to a demand for fact, not fiction!

The sad reality of life is that ignorance is truly bliss, when you gain the facts, you can no longer hide from the truth.

Our world IS built on the power of illusion, our leaders are controlled not by the population, but by consumerism and greed, our educators are programed and constricted to teach what amounts to be non-truths.

We are not a species of the intellect, but of the emotions, and our emotions are the tools by which we are controlled and maneuvered into continuing the same destructive cycles.

Personally I view myself as an Altruistic Eccentric, I believe in attaining the impossible dream, reaching one inch beyond your furthest grasp.

There truly is nothing that is impossible, and the tools and resources are out there, but they are hidden!

It’s my intent to uncover these resources and tools, to provide knowledge and training in there use.


Daniel P. Warren