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Instream Flows

  • Certified instream flow water right under state law
  • Water reserved for one or more permissible uses on a particular part of a stream or lake during a certain period of time.
  • Like out-of-stream water right, an instream reservation of water is similar to a property right.
  • Cannot be abandoned, transferred, assigned, or converted to another use without approval of DNR.

Obtain Funding for Water Management


  • Write grant applications
  • Managing Project Budgets
  • Federal and State Agency/Foundational Grants
  • Coordinate Project Partners
  • Conduct Reporting Requirements

Assessment of Watershed Conditions

  • Provide information on watershed characteristics, waterbody conditions, sources, and pollutant loads (for specific waterbodies and pollutants
  • Identify protected uses of the waterbody and associated water quality standards


Water Trails

  • Identifying designated water trial suitable for small watercraft
  • Connecting communities to one another and to the outstanding recreational and educational offerings of Alaska’s marine water
  • Water trail environmental Education component



Promote Hydrologically Based Instream Flows

  • Similar to average flow
  • Minimum Flow not adequate for health habitat
  • Maintain integrity of flowing water systems and natural dynamic character
  • Water Temperature, channel geomorphology, habitat diversity
  • More accurate measurement of ecological consequences of flow regime modification

Inter-Tribal Watershed Councils

  • Preserve subsistence uses and tribal jurisdiction
  • Oversees implementation of Watershed Plan
  • Assert Tribal Water Rights
  • Reserve instream flows
  • Use of Traditional Environmental Knowledge
  • Draft ordinances, resolutions, watershed management plans



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