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Harold Shepherd
Oct 16, 2011

Water Policy Consulting, LLC

Water Consulting, LLC focuses on water and human rights issues in Alaska. We strive to promote the long-term sustainability of water resources in the Western United States and Alaska for the benefit of fish and wildlife populations, habitat, aesthetics, recreation, and traditional and cultural activities, using the principles of democracy, environmental justice, and sound ecology as our guide.

Climate Change Adaptation Plan

The Norton Bay Inter-Tribal Watershed Council (NBITWC), the Model Forest Policy Program (MFPP) and the Norton Bay Alaska Native Villages (Villages) have a shared vision is to enhance the resiliency of our communities and watershed. In 2012, the NBITWC took the leadership role to engage in the Climate Solution’s University (CSU) Plan Development Program created by the Model Forest Policy Program in partnership with the Villages. The goal of CSU is to empower rural, under served communities to become leaders in climate resilience using a cost effective distance learning program. The Climate Action plan for the Norton Bay Watershed is the result of a year of community team effort, bringing in an array of stakeholders and expertise, building partnerships, extensive information gathering, critical thinking, and engaged planning. The result is a localized, actionable plan that the community and support and implement in the coming years. The outcome will be a community that has strengthened capacity to be resilient to the inevitable impacts of climate change. A community with the awareness, shared vision, and partnerships to enable it to have the capacity to withstand the impacts of climate upon the natural resources, economy, and community.

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