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Supporting Organizations

The Logic of Nonsense seminar is supported the WHALE Center and the Raymond Moody Institute.


The WHALE Center is a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 organization with a mission to:  "promote strategies for sustainability, promote science based decision making to protect the environment, and raise awareness of the relationship between, wellness, a healthy environment and a healthy economy"


The WHALE Center education programs have a specific interest in:

  • Increasing synergistic awareness
  • Helping people to see more options in applying their values to life situations
  • Aligning pesonal mission and goals with the work that they do.

  The WHALE Center Global Healing program has a particular interest in improving critical thinking skills to better respond to major challenges such as climate change, ocean acidification, rapid population growth.   Without addressing these issues it will be more difficult to build cultures for peace, justice, and sustainability.

The Logic of Nonsense seminar provides a new a framework to examine what it really means to be One Planet, One People so that we can work together for global healing.



The Raymond Moody Institute is a private educational institute directed by Raymond Moody.

The Institute provides serious inquirers and life-long learners, a new system of principles for expanded logical thinking and perception of thought.   It utilizes pioneering approaches toward answering the unresolved questions of science and religion.


The institute provides education to:

  • Increase critical thinking skills
  • Improve writing skills
  • Augment creative skills
  • Nurture innovation in problem solving
  • Enhance learning abilities of all subjects
  • Expand powers of observations
  • Provide new ways of understanding and perceiving todayâs world and beyond
  • Provide new understanding of how others think and perceive the world