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Assessment of proposed electromagnetic quantum vacuum energy extraction methods Last Updated on 2011-08-19 00:00:00 In research articles and patents several methods have been proposed for the extraction of zero-point energy from the vacuum. None has been reliably demonstrated, but the proposals remain largely unchallenged. In this paper the feasibility of these methods is assessed in terms of underlying thermodynamics principles of equilibrium, detailed balance, and conservation laws. The methods are separated into three classes: nonlinear processing of the zero-point field, mechanical extraction using Casimir cavities, and the pumping of atoms through Casimir cavities. The first two approaches are shown to violate thermodynamics principles, and therefore appear not to be feasible, no matter how innovative their execution. The third approach does not appear to violate these principles. more...  More »
White Paper: Indirect Extraction of Energy from the Quantum Vacuum Last Updated on 2011-08-13 00:00:00 As a game-changing innovative and unique technology with major implications for space missions as well as terrestrial applications, we propose to demonstrate that it is possible to indirectly tap a new source of energy, potentially greater than nuclear, well known in quantum physics but considered by physicists not to be useful since it cannot be directly accessed. We will investigate the feasibility of accessing this zero-point energy source indirectly by capturing electromagnetic energy emitted by transient changes in energy levels of electron orbitals, due to interactions of atoms (preferably monatomic noble gases) with the quantum vacuum field while cycling through Casimir cavities. We would induce shifts comparable in principle to, but larger than, the well-known Lamb shift, by suppressing quantum vacuum field modes within the Casimir cavities. The electromagnetic energy... More »