"Oakland," 1995, acrylic on canvas, 71” x 68”



In my aerial explorations, I worked on unprimed canvas on the floor, allowing acrylic paint to interplay with poured water, replicating the natural processes of water flowing over the earth.  Aerial photographs were the starting point for much of the imagery. To work with the canvas flat on the ground duplicates the position of hovering above the flat plane of the earth. 

The aerial perspective reveals strange and primitive shapes unseen on the ground level.  The visual language of these paintings seems to elude categorization with any certain place, culture, or time (pre-industrial or post-industrial).  The paintings may also evoke the process of remembering something ancient and mysterious.  Nature is filtered through levels of consciousness in this work. 

Using aerial views, I explored the ways that humans and nature coexist, and the pervasive spread of humans across the land.  The interplay between natural forces / processes and my own artistic decisions explores the relationship between nature and human intervention.  What is natural, and what is human-made?  In the art, what is "accident" or process, and what is artistic decision?  Questions of human knowledge and natural mystery are also evoked.  To what extent can humans measure, control, and divide nature?  Natural process, impulse, and reason all play roles in this work.