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David Randle
Jan 20, 2009

International Pastoral Care Network for Social Responsibility

 International Pastoral Care Network for Social Responsibility

Purpose: To establish an international network of pastoral care associations and individuals who are committed to addressing issues of justice, peace, and the integrity of creation.

Description of Activities : IPCNSR is a diverse, international group of professional pastoral care providers who live out the motto, “think globally, act locally.” The organization's mission is to support and encourage its many members in their individual and corporate prophetic activities. Every 4 years, many of our international members gather for the International Congress of Pastoral Care & Counseling. This past year it was hosted in Bangalore , India . 

The IPCNSR meets either directly before or immediately after the ICPCC meeting. We host Peace Walks & Dinners at our various North American Annual Meetings each year to fund scholarships for members from Third World countries to attend the ICPCC gathering. Individually, our members actively participated in medical missions to Central American countries, marched on Washington D.C on several occasions to protest the unjust War in Iraq, joined numerous events in support of gay rights, participated in symposiums on cultural & environmental violence, protested what was formerly known as the “School of the Americas,” and numerous other social justice, environmental, & peace-making activities.

Secondary Contacts:
Rev. Lerrill White, Treasurer
[email protected]


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