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About Us

High Road for Human Rights

Embracing Democracy for Humane Action

Make a difference.

 Vision Statement

High Road for Human Rights envisions a world in which an engaged citizenry ensures the protection of human rights.

Mission Statement

High Road for Human Rights organizes, supports, and mobilizes an extensive network of people to prevent and eliminate human rights abuses by: (1) elevating awareness about human rights abuses and available solutions, and (2) taking unified actions to achieve changes that will enhance the protection of human rights.

Guiding Principles

  1. High Road for Human Rights acts with compassion for people, seen and unseen.
  2. High Road values individual empowerment and community-building civic engagement.
  3. High Road responds to human rights abuses in a timely and effective manner.
  4. High Road is flexible in earnestly soliciting and considering new ideas and approaches.
  5. High Road is courageous, bold, and principled in pursuing solutions to human rights abuses.
  6. High Road pursues its mission with uncompromising integrity and acts in a respectful, yet vigorous, manner.
  7. High Road collaborates with, complements, and does not duplicate the work of other human rights organizations.
  8. High Road motivates and inspires people to care about the plight of others and to take effective actions to prevent suffering.
  9. High Road works with efficiency and with a view toward long-term sustainability.
  10. High Road values accountability, for others and for itself, and regularly reviews and discloses what it has done and what it seeks to do.


High Road for Human Rights:

  • Identifies a limited number of precise human rights or climate protection issues.
  • Develops a strategy for informing and organizing people – just like you – who can, together, effectively push for humane change.
  • Supports and coordinates efforts in local communities throughout the United States to bring about major changes to save and improve lives and build a better world.

Join a unique grassroots nationwide organization of people who care – people who are committed to bringing about positive change in our world.

Join High Road in organizing thousands of people who will lead toward change. We will make our voices be heard, and we will make certain our elected officials never again use as an excuse for inaction the absence of a call by the American people for positive action.

We have all experienced frustration and a sense of powerlessness in knowing that people are unjustly suffering and that our planet is becoming a place that cannot sustain life. Until now, there has not been a continuous grassroots organizing mechanism available to provide numerous ways of acting with others to bring about change. High Road brings together people in partnering for a better tomorrow. Working with High Road, you will be part of an historic new movement, embracing our democracy to bring about a safer, sustainable, more just world. 

How often have you learned of a terrible injustice, but felt unable to do anything about it?

Have you wanted to help bring about change in our world, but believed it was too difficult and too big for you to tackle?

Do you wonder where the leaders are – why so many people are suffering, yet no one is leading the way toward effective solutions?

Have you said to yourself, “I feel strongly about the genocide in Darfur [or about human trafficking, about global warming, or about other human rights violations], but what can I do about it?"

Now, there is a channel for your caring, your passion, your desire to make a positive difference in our world.

High Road for Human Rights is a unique organization, bringing together thousands of compassionate people throughout the United States to effect change.

Imagine the power of a citizens' lobby – people throughout the nation who together achieve specific, effective, humane changes in public policy.

During the early stages of the genocide in Rwanda, a human rights activist urged President Clinton’s National Security Advisor to take urgent action. He said that people were not calling to express their concerns and that no action would be taken unless people made “more noise”. Senator Paul Simon thought 100 letters to each US Senator would have spurred the action necessary to stop the genocide. The American people were silent, letters were not sent, phone calls were not made – and 800,000 men, women, and children were brutally butchered. The United States and the international community did nothing – they did not even pursue aggressive diplomatic action – to stop the atrocities – because the American people remained silent.

Let us never be silent again.

Organizing together, we can make more noise. We can call for humane action. We can make a real, positive difference. And we can live our lives knowing we did what we could.

We can know we mean it when we declare, as after the Holocaust, “Never Again.”

This is a unique approach – and an effective approach – to changing public policy in building a better, safer, more compassionate world.

Imagine, for example:

At every town meeting held by every member of Congress, dozens of members of High Road attend, demanding effective action by the United States, working with the United Nations, to stop the on-going genocide in Darfur. We don’t stop with one demonstration, with one meeting, or with one letter-writing campaign. We keep acting, with one voice nation-wide, until effective change is achieved.

Relentless phone calls and sending of letters by hundreds of constituents in every congressional district, week after week, demanding a moratorium on the construction of atmosphere-destroying coal-burning power plants and a commitment to the utilization of clean, renewable sources of energy.

A sustained public information campaign, enlisting millions of people nation-wide in a persistent call for economic sanctions against nations that condone sexual slavery.

Automobile manufacturers have their lobbyists who succeed in stopping legislation requiring greater fuel efficiency.

Drug manufacturers have their lobbyists who make sure Americans pay outrageous prices for drugs.

Arms manufacturers have their lobbyists who push enormously expensive and unnecessary weapons programs through Congress.

It’s time that compassionate American people have their lobbyists to persuade Congress to undertake humane policies toward our brothers and sisters throughout the world, including later generations.Those lobbyists are us. Each of us. Working together. Embracing our democracy for the common good.

Reach beyond yourself.
Become empowered.
Help others who are in need.


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