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Huck-Fin Environmental Education



 Pictured:  David Gray, President, Huck-Fin Environmental Education (HFEE)

Huck-Fin Environmental Education is committed to providing students an incentive program, which encourages them to attain a high level of academic excellence. 




To inspire students toward higher academic

achievements, character development and career

focus through environmental education, recognized

by earned awards, fishing field trips and community

oriented projects and events.



·   HUCK-FIN is a 501-C3 non-profit organization, which teaches Environmental Education through fishing in schools and communities throughout San Diego County.

·   HUCK-FIN has been working with the Sweetwater Union High School District for over 15yearsand San Diego County Parks and Recreation for 13 years.

·   HUCK-FIN is K-12, focusing on Middle/Jr. High and High school age boys and girls.

·   HUCK-FIN takes youths on field trips to our own private HUCK-FIN Lake, in addition to trips on professional charter boats on the Pacific Ocean.

·   HUCK-FIN teaches youths the responsibility they owe to their Environment.

·   HUCK-FIN currently reaches over 2,000 kids a year, giving them opportunity and direction.



·   HUCK-FIN gives educators and students a common interest to share and enjoy, giving the teachers the edge.

·   HUCK-FIN can be used as a positive leverage point for administrators and teachers adding control and incentive.

·   Administrators and teachers refer At Risk Kids” to HUCK-FIN.

·   HUCK-FIN gives students that don’t normally fit in popular social circles, (sports, student government, etc.), a niche at school.

·   HUCK-FIN students are required to turn in a permission slip from their Parents, Teachers, and involved school staff before each field trip, consequently, raising their grade and attendance.

·   HUCK-FIN helps kids stay in school by giving them an alternative to drugs and other negative influences.

·   HUCK-FIN gives hands on, real life application to classroom teachings. HUCK-FIN puts educators and students in a new and fun environment that they may not otherwise have an opportunity to experience.

·   HUCK-FIN has an annual district wide Tournament of Champions”. Girls and boys from each school compete for prizes and trophies.

·   HUCK-FIN follows the tournament with the annual Banquet of Champions” for all HUCK-FIN teachers, school champion’s, their parents, and school principals.

·   HUCK-FIN has also held the now famous HUCK-FIN Fish Fry’s for some special events. Students learn about good nutrition including “How to Cook Your Catch”.

·   HUCK-FIN builds self-esteem, friendships, teamwork, and teaches the life long sport of fishing.

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