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December 28, 2008, 10:26 am
Source: MILESTONES Project
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The MILESTONES Project Is a photographic tribute to our shared humanity. It is a living, growing archive of over 20,000 photographs that assert, powerfully and indisputably, our fundamental human similarities. Picture infants from every corner of the world, aglow with Joy, their faces lit by a single birthday candle. Picture children of every nationality, eyes squeezed tight in nervous excitement, as a scissor trims away their baby curls. Picture children in urban streets and rutted, rural roads, walking hand In hand with a best friend. Who cannot see herself in these images? Who cannot feel the brotherhood of man?

But photographs alone cannot heal the worlds divisions. Healing requires action, and that is why these photographs reproduced in books, exhibits and on a website, disseminated through partnerships with schools, foundations and corporations are more than arresting, heartwarming images. They are the backbone of a global social movement. They are at the heart of a campaign endorsed by the United Nations that enables individuals around the world to take concrete action to promote tolerance.


These are the aims and objectives of Peace on Earth, and together we will achieve them. We will generate global awareness towards the social, environmental and spiritual benefits of the arts and artists and their potential contribution to global peace. We will reinforce the use of arts for humanity’s sake and for life’s sake as we move from Art for Art’s sake. We will emphasize multiculturalism while preserving the essence of (local) traditional cultures. We will picture a world where digital murals and otfier aesthetic expressions are encouraging global harmony and world peace to creole a global network and culture of Peace and Tolerance. We will launch further projects and programs that will contribute to the vision of Art as a Global Peace Expression. We will assure success by creating and empowering an effective organization featuring a Patron’s Group, Sponsor’s Group, International Advisory Board, Board of Directors ond Participating Countries.

“If the human family is to have any hope of living together in peace, we must come to know and accept one another. Let us recognize the work for tolerance begins with each and every one of us.”

Over the next two years, three high-profile media products will tell the story of the United Nations’ Sergio Vieira de Mello and introduce audiences to the kind of conviction and insight that inspires movements. In the months ahead we’ll be using the momentum generated by these products – a book by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Samantha Power, a compelling feature length documentary, and a major motion picture – to embark on a new campaign designed to educate Americans on Sergio’s life and lessons… and to use his story to ignite a dynamic constituency that demands a smarter foreign policy for the United States.

Please join us at where Power will join an eclectic group of scholars, activists, humanitarians and citizens from around the world to reflect on Sergio’s life and legacy, provoke debate, and discuss how this movement can have the greatest impact possible.



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