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Message from the President

Message from the President

Welcome to the Friends of the United Nations web site.

I hope you will find it exciting, informative and engaging. I hope you will find it also to be an easy reference guide and a reliable source on what is really happening within the United Nations family. Finally I hope it will help you to better appreciate the uniqueness of the United Nations and the scope of its activities which touches almost all areas of the human enterprise.

As it enters its seventh decade, the United Nations finds itself facing challenges of unprecedented scope and intensity in a radically altered geopolitical and social landscape from that of its founding years. It is thus obliged to continuously adapt as it moves through multiple transitions. To this end the site hopes to provide much clearer perspectives and how the transition is being managed as it seeks to keep its promise to humanity. Amid the swirling pressures that daily buffet the organization at least one constant will be kept in view: that the purposes and principles on which it was founded remain more valid than ever and that “we the people” in the name of whom it was founded have a responsibility to remain well informed and to work with the UN to enhance those values on which a secure human future rests.

This site hopes to work with you towards these ends. It will provide you two way communications where your feedback will be welcomed and your opinions valued. But above all it will endeavor to reflect the United Nations in a fair, clear and balanced way and your responses will help us achieve these objectives.

I am confident that together we can mobilize the will necessary to make the UN a vibrant and dynamic entity, which despite all its shortcomings remains humanity’s “last, best hope for peace.”

— Dr. Noel J. Brown
President & CEO, Friends of the United Nations

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