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Reactions to the Madrona Marsh Challenge Last Updated on 2010-05-01 00:00:00 from  Basistha Nepal, ABC4All Mentor Co-Founder, Local ABC4All / Nepal to ABC4All date Mon, May 3, 2010 at 5:09 AM subject Sir a letter stating rejoice forever please mailed-by gmail.com       Honorable Gentleman, Burton N. Danet, Ph.D., Co-founder, ABC4All, Portal4Relief Sir, We were all very much rejoiced to watch you kindly do the Power Walk Sir. It was really a wonderful sight to watch for. We could not remain appreciating the scientist who did discovered PAW please. Sir, your presence does gives all of us the power to move on in our works. The persona who was not able to breathe well did accomplished the Power walk in 14 minutes only than was estimation of 20 minutes. Really PAW is the greatest miracle in this whole earth Sir. And with it you are kindly being with us in the family of ABC4All we are really fortunate to be please.... More »
State of the World: PREVIEW, THEN THE MADRONA MARSH CHALLENGE Last Updated on 2010-04-29 00:00:00 PREVIEW OF THE MADRONA MARSH CHALLENGE - A Dry Run on 04/30/2010, the day before!     Starting the Preview of the Madrona Marsh Challenge! Learn more about the Madrona Marsh Preserve in Torrance, CA USA.  The Challenge is described at The Foundation For A Better Community For All (FABC).  During this preview tour, Burt shares his thoughts both about the beauty of what is seen and also aspects of what Plasma Activated Water (PAW) technology, a blessing for the world, is all about. Along the way, he encounters an artist painting a scene who shares his work (see the short video, Preview Madrona Marsh Challenge - Encounter with an Artist)! Alfred's (the artist) associate, was also present: www.BernardFallon.com Preview Madrona Marsh Challenge - Part 2 Learn more about the Madrona Marsh Challenge at The Foundation For A Better Community For All (FABC)... More »