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Grassroots Actions and Resources

Joining Together With Other High Road Members,
You Can Make a Difference

Adding your voice, and your actions, to those of other High Road members will provide the crucial, missing element in bringing about change.

Imagine the power of High Road members all over the country pushing their congressional representatives about the same issue, advocating the same solution, all at the same time.

Imagine the influence of High Road members all across the nation meeting with local editorial board members, urging them to provide more and better coverage about human rights abuses and potential solutions.

Imagine High Road members hosting documentary films to raise consciousness in their communities about human rights abuses and what we can do about them.

Imagine High Road members showing up wherever their Congressional representatives are, calling upon them to support the same concrete measures to help solve human rights abuses.

Through joining together in this innovative and unique approach, we can each make an enormous difference.

CLICK HERE to let us know how you are willing to help.  Your actions, in coordination with grassroots actions across the nation, can make all the difference.

See High Road's website for more info about each of our human rights issues.  Then use the Grassroots Action Guide posted below to take a stand!  Our Handbook provides guidelines to write letters to elected officials, write op-eds, meet with the media, give multimedia presentations to community groups, and more!

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