Goodbye From Alan

August 29, 2008, 1:22 pm

 Why Miss Muller Gets Mad With Me

     I think Miss Muller gets mad with me because she told me something that I didn't listen to her.  I think she is a good teacher and I like her class.  I like it because I can learn more English.  In the last semester I always skipped this class because I thought the class was boring and it had a bad teacher.  Now, I think different and she always helps me and I never skip.  I remember one day she went to my house because I didn't work in the class.  When I had some problems she called my mom and told her what is wrong with me.  The last semester I had bad grades.  I think I learned more English in the class of Miss Muller because I can write better than last semester.  Thanks Miss Muller for helping me.

     When I was in Mexico I always skipped school but I always had good grades.  I always went to the river with my friends or to play soccer but I almost never went to school.  I don't know why I got good grades in Mexico.

     For the next year at school I'm going to work hard and get good grades and no more skipping.  And for next year I want to have this class to learn more English and stay with my friends



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