Response to Globe & Mail's Budget deep freeze will lead to end of climate research lab

Response to Globe & Mail's Budget deep freeze will lead to end of climate research lab -

The arctic is melting and the government wants to shut down PEARL? The pine beetle is decimating the pine forest in BC because it hasn’t been cold enough over the past thirty years to kill off the insect, and the government wants to freeze its support for the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmosphere Sciences. For those who really do care about science and scientific inquiry and methodology, this action is appalling. In yesterday’s Ottawa Citizen we learn that Canada’s warm winter is part of a trend and will continue to impact such vital sectors as agriculture -

We know that there is much more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than any time in human history and that trend started after the inception of the Industrial Revolution. It doesn’t take a climatologist to put two and two together.

So called deniers and skeptics are not only calling to question the obvious, but science itself. If there is any question concerning climate change, let the scientists continue to do their work. Unfortunately the scientists are presenting findings that some really don’t want to know about. So they shoot the messenger.



McNamara, C. (2010). Response to Globe & Mail's Budget deep freeze will lead to end of climate research lab . Retrieved from

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Christine Penner Polle wrote: 03-11-2010 09:31:14

And here's mine: So, to all those anti-science contrarians who feel drawn to comment on these pages, the question is - what will it take to persuade you? The Arctic ice is melting, the pine beetle is decimating the pine forest in BC, the permafrost is melting, we've had the warmest decade on record, the unstable weather patterns predicted by climatologists are starting to occur, glaciers around the world are melting, and the list goes on. Harvard Professor James McCarthy was asked recently how many of the world's top 1000 climate experts would disagree with the basic scientific consensus that the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations over the last 50 years to levels not seen in 650,000 years is primarily caused by humans and he responded "5". So, it looks like neither scientific reality nor the unstable weather patterns emerging can convince the deniers. Instead, they shout "gotcha" whenever they glom onto a minor detail in a chart or prediction, or misquote illegally hacked emails. In the end, the deniers are going to be a minor footnote in history. In the meantime, climate change is coming, and it's time to reduce our fossil-fuel dependant ways now. "If you think mitigated climate change is expensive, try unmitigated" (American scientist Richard Gammon) Too bad the Cons can't get past their oil sands ideology and do what is best for all Canadians. Instead, as in the case of Richard Colvin, they choose to "shoot the messenger" and defund climate science.