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September 26, 2010, 4:27 pm


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Dear [Liberal Senator],

I thank the Liberal Party for its leadership in one of the most pressing challenges of our time – climate change. On May 5th, Liberal MPs unanimously voted in support of Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act.

Speaking in Laval just before the Copenhagen Summit, Michael Ignatieff had this to say: “I would like to see Canada fighting for a firm international agreement to reduce carbon pollution, based on scientific facts…. Let’s be clear. In Copenhagen, I would have supported an agreement by all countries on the planet in favour of measurable, verifiable, and binding targets to reduce carbon pollution.”

Unfortunately, Conservative MPs do not share this leadership or vision at this time. Not only did the government fail us in Copenhagen, Conservative MPs unanimously voted against the Bill.

I thank Senator Grant Mitchell for his defense of the Bill, and Senator Banks for refuting the argument that adhering to the science-based emissions targets will lead to an exodus of industry and undermine our economy.

As Senator Banks so rightly pointed out during the June 1st debate, the same argument was made by industry when the government proposed removing sulfur from natural gas, lead from oil and sulfur dioxide from smoke stacks. In the end government regulation not only significantly reduced pollution, it provided business opportunities for industry, which never left despite its threats to do so.

As Mr. Ignatieff has pointed out, by supporting science-based targets on greenhouse gas emissions, Canada will not only reduce emissions to safe levels, it will foster greater efficiencies and exciting new industries and business opportunities.

Your vote matters. As you know, Bill C-311 requires the support of 53 Senators. I ask you to please vote for this Bill, in keeping with Liberal leadership on this important issue. If passed into law, Canada will join the European Union in setting science-based emissions targets and demonstrate leadership for the world to follow.


[Your Name and Mailing Address]



The most effective approach it to send separate emails addressed to each Senator (ie. Dear Senator Mitchell). When doing this, be sure to customize the message to Senators Mitchell and Banks as they are referred to in the letter (i.e. to Senator Mitchell - “I thank you Senator for your defense of the Bill…”)

Senator Mitchell - [email protected]
Senator Banks - [email protected]

Senator Baker - [email protected]
Senator Callbeck - [email protected]
Senator Campbell - [email protected]
Senator Carstairs - [email protected]
Senator Chaput - [email protected]
Senator Cordy - [email protected]
Senator Cowan - [email protected]
Senator Dallaire - [email protected]
Senator Dawson - [email protected]
Senator Day - [email protected]
Senator De Bané - [email protected]
Senator Downe - [email protected]
Senator Dyck - [email protected]
Senator Eggleton - [email protected]
Senator Fairbairn - [email protected]
Senator Fox - [email protected]
Senator Fraser - [email protected]
Senator Furey - [email protected]
Senator Harb - [email protected]
Senator Hervieux-Payette - [email protected]
Senator Hubley - [email protected]
Senator Jaffer - [email protected]
Senator Joyal - [email protected]
Senator Kenny - [email protected]
Senator Lapointe - [email protected]
Senator Lavigne - [email protected]
Senator Losier-Cool - [email protected]
Senator Lovelace Nicholas - [email protected]
Senator Mahovlich - [email protected]
Senator Massicotte - [email protected]
Senator Mercer - [email protected]
Senator Merchant - [email protected]
Senator Moore - [email protected]
Senator Munson - [email protected]
Senator Pépin - [email protected]
Senator Peterson - [email protected]
Senator Poulin - [email protected]
Senator Poy - [email protected]
Senator Ringuette - [email protected]
Senator Robichaud – [email protected]
Senator Rompkey - [email protected]
Senator Sibbeston - [email protected]
Senator Smith - [email protected]
Senator Stollery - [email protected]
Senator Tardif - [email protected]
Senator Watt - [email protected]
Senator Zimmer - [email protected]

If you don’t have the time, simply copy and paste the following into your BCC box and address the letter: Dear Senator.


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