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Climate Response



Welcome to Climate Response, a citizen-based collective. Our purpose is to elevate the public conversation on climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

The majority of climate experts agree that the evidence for anthropogenic climate change is unequovical. They are calling for urgent action to significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being released into Earth's atmosphere. This problem, although formidable, presents tremendous opportunities. Pioneering entrepreneurs, communities and countries are already proving that transitioning to a low-carbon economy is not only good for the environment, it is good for the bottom line as well.

To the left you will see tabs that provide overviews, resources and 'fast facts & stats' on climate change and the low carbon economy. Each fast fact is from websites, reports or journals of peer-reviewed scientists and economists, as well as government, agency and corporate reports. Facts & stats are categorized to assist you when writing to the media or your government representatives. 

To the right, you'll find a toolbox where you are invited to become a member of Climate Response, and contact the administrator with feedback.

Be part of a level-headed approach to this critical problem. Armed with expert-backed facts, help elevate the public discourse on climate change and the transition to the low-carbon and sustainable economy.