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The difference between living an extraordinary life and an ordinary life really comes down to simple decisions.  One of the most important is to TRUST that life gives you exactly what you need to shine your brightest.  Here are some articles written by Clarity Point coaches that are designed to help you see the beauty in every moment and learn to trust that LIFE is not out to get you.


So please enjoy and let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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    Every day I get calls from clients who are struggling to make big decisions in their lives.  They are usually agonizing over their options and are often extremely... More »

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Women could benefit from thinking more like men Last Updated on 2011-05-19 00:00:00 Men could learn a few things from women too, but there are definitely some things women could learn from men about healthy thinking. Understand, of course, that this article is based on a broad generalization of how each sex thinks, there are always exceptions, but generally these stereotypes are pretty accurate.   1) Men don’t worry as much as women. They don't worry as much, because they also don’t think as much as women. Some experts believe that women think three to four times as many thoughts in a day as men do. They don't over analyze and apply meanings - adding fear to everything.   Fear is really the problem ladies. You are too afraid that things won’t go right, or that you won’t be good enough. You are afraid all the time.  Men worry less because we are often not as afraid about winning the approval of others. People pleasing... More »
Breaking through a Fear of Success Last Updated on 2011-05-04 00:00:00 Do you procrastinate? Are you busy but not productive? Do you start projects but drop the ball before they’re done? Do you feel like something is holding you back from success… and that something might be you? You may be experiencing a fear of success. It sounds illogical, but you may be afraid of achieving more or shooting high because you lack confidence in your abilities long term. You might be afraid of the responsibilities and commitments that come with success and not want the pressure. There was an experiment done years ago, where jumping frogs were placed in jars with lids and though they had plenty of food and water, the frogs still tried to escape. They jumped and jumped, banging their heads on the lids again and again. This went on for 30 days then, the lids were removed. But the frogs no longer jumped because they didn’t believe... More »
Spirit of Competition Last Updated on 2011-04-26 00:00:00 Spirit of competition Vince Lombardi once said that winning is the only thing in sports, forever after drawing a line between the supposed losers and the winners. While it is true that the whole purpose of a sporting event is to bring victory to the most prepared individual or team, there are a plethora of other benefits to consider. Many sports quotes have been co-opted into business success schemes. The idea being that competition is the same in business as in sports.   One primary difference between sports and business is that the prime directive of business is not to beat the other guy. In business the prime directive is to get your goods or services to those who would pay money to receive them. Many operate their business with the mistaken notion that if I just eliminate the competition all the business to be done then becomes theirs. Their product or service may be of... More »
It's time to Engage in Real Life - Live, have more fun & experience life! Last Updated on 2011-02-22 10:29:59 In the mental health profession, are seeing an alarming trend sweeping across the country. This trend is an addiction to fantasy. Pornography addiction is effecting and in many cases destroying many families, as men become less and less interested in real relationships with their wives. Women are, likewise, addicted to romance novels which have the exact same effect as pornography and are just as addicting. Then we see children, who are clinically addicted to video games, TV and movies, and spend far too many hours doing things which produce no real benefit in their lives. The scary part  about this trend is that millions of people are living their lives lost in fantasy. Time is moving past, but they are going nowhere and accomplishing nothing. They are investing all their time and energy somewhere that isn’t even real, and we are just now beginning to see the cost from... More »
Finding Balance Between "Should I take care of self or show up for others?" Last Updated on 2011-02-16 12:47:28 Download this document and pull it out whenever you find yourself trying to figure out how to respond to a situation, where you must choose between being loyal to self or loving to anothers.  This tool will help you to find balance, wisdom and peace. More »