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suly cole
Nov 15, 2010
Lyle Birkey
Mar 26, 2010

Climate Change Education Workshop Report

Creating a Community of Practice 

In Spring 2010, The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) brought together Climate Change Education Projects from NOAA, NASA, and NSF. This is the online resource of the information exchanged.

Building the intellectual capital to address the climate challenge is critical. NCSE's Climate Adaptation, Mitigation and e-Learning (CAMEL) initiative is working to develop a virtual toolbox of curricular resources and create a nationwide online learning community to better prepare college students to understand and tackle climate change.
As a key first step, NCSE convened the principal investigators from more than 30 federally funded projects in climate change education (CCE). Funding agencies included NSF, NASA, and NOAA. As the multifaceted agenda was woven through presentations, breakout discussions, and conversation-starting posters, the nearly 80 high-level participants were committed to achieving four primary objectives:
     ●  Develop a compendium of climate education projects,
     ●  Identify synergies and significant gaps in this effort,
     ●  Propose mechanisms to effectively fill those gaps and enable progress in climate education,
     ●  Develop strategies to strengthen cooperation and communication among educators.
This site serves as a resource bank of the information exchanged at the Spring CCE Workshop, a report of the workshop's participant evaluation forms, and a forum to facilitate further comments on the topics addressed at the meeting.

For further information about the meeting, who was there, or to suggest additional content, contact Lyle Birkey at lbirkey@ncseonline.org.

For more info on NCSE's climate education initiatives, visit http://ncseonline.org/climate.