Peter Corroon takes heart from poll results

January 12, 2010, 4:14 pm
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Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon sounds more than ever like a candidate for governor after hearing new poll results that show nearly a third of Utahns would vote for him next year over Gov. Gary Herbert.

"I think the numbers do show it is a viable race for me to get into," Corroon told the Deseret News. "It shows there is a good amount of support statewide, even though I haven't held a position statewide."

The Democrat confirmed he's considering entering the race for the remaining two years of former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.'s term and will likely announce his decision in January. Utahns haven't elected a Democratic governor since Scott Matheson won a second term in 1980.

"I am seriously taking a look at it. I have received a lot of encouragement from Democrats and Republicans," Corroon said. "I appreciate the support people are showing before there's a decision made."

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