Salt Lake County Clerk reminds voters to bring ID with them to the polls this year

August 31, 2009, 8:44 am
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Contact:          Sherrie Swensen

Salt Lake County Clerk

(801) 468-3519



New State Voter ID Law in Effect for Municipal Primary Voters


SALT LAKE COUNTY, UT (August 28, 2009) – Voters will be required to show ID before being allowed to vote in the upcoming municipal primary elections held on September 15, 2009.   A new law (House Bill 126) passed by the Utah State Legislature last session, requires all voters to show “valid voter identification” before being allowed to vote at the polls.  Voters must show a current Utah Drivers License, Utah State Identification Card or current U.S. Passport in order to vote.  If voters do not have one of these accepted photo IDs, they may present two separate documents that lists the voters’ name and current address. 

If a voter does not have  the necessary ID, the voter may vote a provisional ballot and provide ID to the county clerk’s office or their city recorder’s office within five days after the election and the provisional ballot will be counted.


Voters may call the Salt Lake County Clerk’s Office at 801468-3427(801 GOT VOTE), or visit the clerk’s website at for more information and a list of acceptable forms of ID according to the new state law.   



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