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The Utah House

  • Are ethics reform efforts stalled again? Featured News Article Are ethics reform efforts stalled again? Are ethics reform efforts stalled again?

    The Deseret Morning News is reporting the rhetoric coming out from Republicans in the legislature has begun to cool considerably when it comes to ethics reform.  After the... More »

  •  House plans a new ethics-reform panel Featured News Article  House plans a new ethics-reform panel House plans a new ethics-reform panel

    Utah GOP House leaders will try an experiment — reforming state government ethics via an equally membered, bipartisan internal committee. "It has never been done before. We'll... More »

  • House GOP leaders unveil ethics bills Featured News Article House GOP leaders unveil ethics bills House GOP leaders unveil ethics bills

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Utah House Republican leaders have unveiled four ethics reform bills that would put restrictions on lobbying and gift-taking and strengthen campaign fund... More »

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GOP Compare Public Employees to Cows Last Updated on 2010-02-08 00:00:00 The Senate Site -- presumably with the permission of Sen. Dan Liljenquist (R-Bountiful) -- compare teachers, law enforcement officials, firefighters and other public employees to cows that were stampeded with FUD (an acronym for a disinformation tactic) and suggest they are not capable of making an informed decision about their future pensions. Ever so patronizingly, Republican leadership feel they have to inform employees of the "facts" and call their protest "ridiculous. But not surprising." For the next few minutes, you can read their post here: http://senatesite.com/blog/2010/02/retirement-reform.html We expect it won't be too long until they take it down to rephrase.     More »
Democratic Party statement on Republican Leader Killpack Last Updated on 2010-01-15 15:15:12 Salt Lake City, UT – Democratic State Party Chair Wayne Holland issued the following statement regarding the arrest of Senate Republican Leader Sheldon Killpack for suspicion of driving under the influence:    “Senate Republican Leader Sheldon Killpack’s circumstances are tragic – for him and his family, his constituents and colleagues, and for the public who he may have endangered.   We ask all Utahns to honor the principle that he is to be presumed innocent of the charge of driving under the influence until proven guilty. However, his decision to refuse to comply with the investigating police officer’s request for breath test shows that he did not deal with this in a responsible, forthright manner.   As a public figure, he knows that he will be held to a high standard. We expect that there will be consequences for... More »
State Senate Republican leader arrested in DUI Last Updated on 2010-01-15 12:24:06 FROM DESERET NEWS MILLCREEK — Senate Majority Leader Sheldon Killpack, R-Syracuse, was arrested early Friday for investigation of DUI. In a statement released by the Senate, Killpack said, "I am deeply sorry for the impact this incident will have on those who support and trust me — my colleagues in the senate, my constituents and, most importantly, my family. I am a firm believer in responsibility and personal accountability, and am prepared to accept all personal, legal and political consequences for my actions." According to the Utah Highway Patrol, Killpack was pulled over near 700 East and 3300 South about 12:15 a.m. after a member of the UHP's DUI sqaud noticed a vehicle "with a poor driving pattern." A trooper stopped the vehicle in the parking lot of the Supersonic Car Wash and the trooper noticed a strong odor of alcohol as soon as he... More »
Poll suggests tight gubernatorial race ahead Last Updated on 2010-01-15 10:53:59 SALT LAKE CITY -- Utahns appear to have different opinions on the progress of our state and country. A Dan Jones poll for KSL and the Deseret News with a margin of error of 5 percent asked if the United States was on the right track. Fifty-nine percent of respondents said no, 32 percent said yes, and almost 10 percent said they did not know. When asked if Utah was on the right track, though, 52 percent said yes and 35 percent said no. Those opinions of our state are a backdrop for a potentially tight race brewing for Utah governor. The poll comes as Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon officially announces his campaign against Gov. Gary Herbert. It shows that if the election were this week, Gov. Herbert would win; but Corroon, who just announced his entry into the race Tuesday, is a strong challenger, according to pollster Dan Jones. "I've always said, this could be a close... More »
Alliance for Unity endorses legislative ethics reforms Last Updated on 2010-01-15 10:48:22 SALT LAKE CITY — The drive for ethics reform in the Utah Legislature got a boost Thursday when the Alliance for Unity, a community group of Utah heavy hitters, endorsed several reforms that legislators may consider when they meet in general session Jan. 25. The alliance, founded several years ago in part to mediate and discuss in a civil manner divisive civic issues in Utah, said legislators should adopt "strong" new laws that include an independent ethics commission, "a tough legislative code of ethics," conflict of interest provisions, campaign contribution limits and banning gifts from lobbyists. The group did not endorse the Utahns for Ethical Government citizen initiative, although its objectives are among those in general terms of the initiative. Initiative supporters are now out gathering signatures, and if they get 95,000 voters to sign up, the new... More »