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        • HD62 Mark Peterson Primary
        • HD61 Deon S Turley Primary
        • HD60 Alan Keele Primary
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        • HD58 Steve Baugh Primary
        • HD57 James E Crismon Primary
        • HD56 Lori A Bonner Primary
        • HD55 Michael L Binyon Primary
        • HD53 Glenn J Wright Primary
        • HD51 Paul Recanzone Primary
        • HD50 Gary R Olsen Primary
        • HD49 F Jay Seegmiller Primary
        • HD48 Trisha S Beck Primary
        • HD47 John Rendell Primary
        • HD46 Marie H Poulson Primary
        • HD45 Laura Black Primary
        • HD44 Tim M Cosgrove Primary
        • HD43 Brian Yardley Primary
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        • HD40 Lynn N Hemingway Primary
        • HD39 Alan Peterson Primary
        • HD37 Carol Spackman Moss Primary
        • HD36 Patrice Arent Primary
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        • HD29 Janice Fisher Primary
        • HD28 Brian S King Primary
        • HD27 Jenn Payne Primary
        • HD26 David Litvack Primary
        • HD24 Rebecca Chavez-Houck Primary
        • HD23 Jennifer Seelig Primary
        • HD22 Susan D Duckworth Primary
        • HD21 James Ross Gowans Primary
        • HD20 William E Ward Primary
        • HD19 Richard Watson Primary
        • HD15 Sherri Tatton Primary
        • HD14 Christopher S Williams Primary
        • HD13 Ben F Wofford Primary
        • HD12 Larry E Cisney Primary
        • HD11 Steven Gaskill Primary
        • HD10 Randy Rounds Primary
        • HD09 Neil Hansen Primary
        • HD08 Alan L Wheelwright Primary
        • HD07 Peter Conover Clemens Primary
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      • Utah Democratic Women's Caucus (Live Cross Published)
      • Utah Democratic Stonewall Caucus (Live Cross Published)
      • Utah Democratic Rural Caucus (Live Cross Published)
      • Utah Democratic Public Employees Caucus (Live Cross Published)
      • Utah Democratic Progressive Caucus (Live Cross Published)
      • Utah Democratic Labor Caucus (Live Cross Published)
      • Utah Democratic Environmental Caucus (Live Cross Published)
      • Utah Democratic Disability Caucus (Live Cross Published)
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