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What is the Ultimate Canvas?

This is where we can exchange thoughts on what I call the Ultimate Canvas (with my artist sense of view).  It's still the dance between Faith vs. Science, in dealing with definition of an ultimate edgeless and dynamic canvas.   I've already shared this with other's in a group called science67, but I am now sharing some of my insight as an artist to those looking into my website.   I work with a variety of mediums building  'density' / layers with all the colors of light (full spectrum).. Being an artist and looking at the array of 'mediums, and spectrum to work with provides another perspective to articulate 'thought' on this area of exploration.  Yes, dabbing here and there on density levels and the reactions (sounds) and/or dabbing here or there with reflectivity of the spectrum – light.  Dealing with these mediums, of course, is what I believe are my 'conscious' design, but is it really?  In continually piling upon these layers of medium and density (signatures upon signatures) on the canvas, I begin to realize that there are definitely influences by other signals (codes or 'designs') in my environment which are key, to stimulating me  (like certain cues – associations – mixed in all the signals around me) to generate and create more effects i.e., the casting reflection, shades, and more to trick the mere human senses on the canvas.   Especially on what part of the canvas is recognized or not.  When working on the canvas, I'm absorbed within and without this ‘great spectral noise’ of the canvas.    Do you believe there really is coherence in such a canvas?   Or Zero-point Energy? Or is there always noise, light, energy regardless?  All already harnessed, in my design? 

I primarily work free upon a canvas, I don't normally copy pictures nor scenery etc. - I do what I believe is automatic painting (wherein I believe I'm allowing no forces of influence move the mediums I choose upon a canvas of my choice, yet still there is somewhat a structure forming similar to my form and/or biological (matter) makeup of my current environment; all mostly likely influenced from my own genetic and memetic encoding signature (design) in my 'being' and the environments' signature (a design in itself, mixed with encoding of DNA, RNA, and other unrecognized 'signaling codes'  inherited.   Mediums of a much larger canvas that you, I, the planet, the universe in which we recognize, are only a small part of.   So, I wonder if we all are some work of random design or orchestrated encoding?  And, here we are trying to decode it definitely.    Only to repeat humbleness, awe and dissonance in resonance..  Yes, in excitement of 'recognizing more' we maybe deifying ourselves, and still not recognize our play upon this ultimate canvas (whether it's random or orchestrated), wherein we continually surrender ourselves 'rendered'.

Anyone readng this who has a physics, biological, cognitive science background; I ask for you to share what you think are these 'waves - frequencies' (signatures) are; random or somehow orchestrated (designed)?   And if orchestrated, by what?  By one source or a mass of random sources/designs expressing out their reflections (bouncing signals spurning more)?  Do you respond with ‘awareness’ is the source of orchestration?  Along with – recognition?


An automaitc writing that got me thinking about the ultimate canvas.

The Tree

It merely started with a serpent’s tale, 
beguiling us to spy him spiraled in the tree. 
A tree that hath no permanent mass nor scale 
Yet, baring fruits blessed by an endless sea 

A tree that we call life 
With its ebbing and flowing mass 
That tides and pulls as if in strife 
to evolve again, and then pass 

A mere snakes subtle endless tale, 
on how he continually bites down upon his tail. 
An infinite loop containing stars and cosmic dust 
transient and never just… 

Spun out of the calm 
Is this endless psalm: 

“Awareness is the succulent juice of its fruits 
savor it to the seeds and core 
recognition is when you prune it 
knowing every branch will continually bare more”. 

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