About Eduen

Background & History: Eduen, Inc. (pronounced “eed-you-en”).  The derivation of this name can be traced to the goal of the company founders to put you –“u”—in the middle of Eden, the world’s ultimate garden.

Eduen, Inc., was incorporated in Oregon during 2002 as an international, for-profit Development and Management company. Since that date, the executive team, supported by outside consultants and advisors, refined the Eduen concept and business model, conducted a search for strategic partners and equity acquisitions, created this 20-year business plan, and began the quest for financing.


Purpose: As stated above, Eduen was established as both a Development and a Management company. On the Development side, Eduen’s primary purpose is to successfully develop green-oriented, health-based Mixed Use Real Estate Projects.

  On the Management side, Eduen has overarching responsibilities to coordinate and manage the centralized activities of The Eduen Federation, to develop The Federation as a business entity, and to help optimize the business potentials of the individual Federation member companies.

Vision:  In the face of our planet’s pressing environmental and ecological problems, the Eduen vision is to be a leading agent for worldwide change -- a dynamic force that is passionately dedicated to dramatically improving the world condition. 

Mission: The scope of Eduen’s humanitarian mission is global.  It is driven by an aggressive, long-term goal to provide the world’s populations with an abundance of highly nutritious foods, pristine water, low-cost healthcare alternatives, and other “green living” innovations, including alternative energy solutions and unique new commercial metals.

Eduen, Inc., also formally established The Eduen Federation, an alliance of organizations that are united by a common humanitarian purpose and shared business objectives. 

As the central, umbrella entity of this Federation, Eduen, Inc., provides and coordinates several vital functions on behalf of the participating organizations, including macro-corporate planning, marketing and advertising services, licensing, etc.