Eduen Infinity Gardens

The worldwide headquarters of the Eduen Federation will be housed within 154 picturesque acres in Gresham, Oregon,  just outside Portland. 

With the look and feel of a world-class resort, this showcase facility will feature Eduen Infinity Gardens accompanied by extensive amenities for the transformation, rejuvenation, and regeneration of the human mind, body, and spirit. 

Adjacent to the Infinity Gardens is the Eduen advanced research and teaching facilities which serves:

(1) to facilitate learning regarding growing, preparing, and consuming clean, healthy foods;

(2) to impart information regarding the impact of water on optimum health;

(3) to teach how to develop and maintain the proper mindset for a healthy lifestyle;

(4) to instill efficient exercise regimens that will effectively condition the body; and

(5) to introduce an effective, affordable healthcare approach to help the entire family avoid illnesses, unnecessary hospital stays, and the high cost of today’s medical services.

The visual center of the complex will be an attractive, multi-story Lodging, Meeting, and Restaurant facility.


The Eduen Infinity Gardens themselves represent the primary functional component with 50 acres of working gardens .  

The purpose of The Eduen Infinity Gardens is to demonstrate the importance and value to life of fresh, ripe Living Foods, raised in remineralized soil; rich with worms and mycorhizza; grown from heirloom seeds; and consumed as Living Food within six hours after being removed from the soil.  This method of growing food will correct harmful uses of natural resources, transforming the environment beyond mere survival levels. 

The Eduen Infinity Gardens concept will be expanded domestically and internationally through the licensing of these proprietary methodologies.