Update: Arno Deuker's Sustainable Journey to Agadir

October 1, 2009, 3:34 pm
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Sustainable Journey to Agadir

1 October 2009

Arno reports: 

A lot of background organization for the tour has occurred.  Here is some up-to-date information:

Thank you for your support
Arno Deuker

15 August 2009

Arno Deuker, a participant in the upcoming Agadir Conference, is traveling—by diesel motorbike—to the conference using vegetable oil (via Genua - ferry to Tanger) and visiting and promoting as many Renewable Energy Projects as possible on his way. “The CO2 savings, the example of practiced environmental protection, and the promotion of sustainable energy techniques—plus the fun of driving are worth the efforts”, he says.

Read More About This Aspect of the Conference

Read Arno's Conference Blog entry

Arno is looking for:

  • Ideas;
  • Sponsors;
  • Renewable Energy Projects to Visit; and
  • Press Contacts.

Arno Deuker
[email protected]
+49 163 1817044





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