Avoiding Climate-Driven Food Crisis in Africa

June 23, 2009, 11:02 am
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Averting a climate-led food crisis in Africa
Local crop varieties could provide
solutions to temperature rises.

Reporting in Nature, 19 June 2009, Natasha Gilbert writes:

African farmers could find more drought resistant crops on their doorsteps. 

Most African farmers will be able to find heat-resistant crop varieties within their own borders or in other countries on the continent, providing an easy first step towards adapting to climate change, according to new research.

A study to be published in the journal Global Environmental Change1 found that by 2050, most African countries will experience temperatures they have never before encountered over at least half of their crop-growing areas. But three-quarters of these will see temperatures that currently occur in at least five other countries and so could take advantage of crops grown there.

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