Update: 2009 Forum for Sustainability Science Programs

Update on 2009 Forum for Sustainability Science Programs

The Forum was held Thursday,12 February 2009 in Chicago

I draw your attention to the notes from the 2009 Forum for Sustainability Science Programs held in Chicago, which are now available online at:

Participants brought up a number of important issues that warranted
more discussion than was possible. These included:

  • What makes sustainability science unique?
  • Core Competencies for Sustainability Science
  • Teaching Sustainability Science
  • Institutional Structures Supporting Sustainability Science

    Discussion threads for each of these topics are posted online at:

I encourage you to visit the site and post your thoughts. In the coming months, we plan to convene a series of teleconferences to discuss each of these topics in more depth and present findings and recommendations at the next Forum.

Note: The 2010 Forum for Sustainability Science Programs will be held at the AAAS Annual Meeting next February in San Diego. For the past several years, there has been a track within the meeting for sustainability science and next year*s theme-*Bridging Science and Society*-particularly lends itself to this type of work. I encourage you to consider proposing a symposium, and am happy to help you identify panelists. Please note that the submission deadline is Tuesday, 28 April 2009.



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