Comments, thoughts and suggestions regarding some of the 2009 international conference themes.

June 8, 2010, 5:39 pm
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Conference Themes and Comments 

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By Professor A. Badr

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Theme I. Conceptual Referential

  • Sustainable Development: Theory and Criticism

First of all sustainability is not new but if we look around ourselves we can find every thing was created to serve humans to preserve all resources including energy (from the sun, the Earth or other natural resources), as well as food, water, wind,. . . .

This will be discussed more in my subsequent comments.

Theme II. Agriculture and World Trade

  •   World trade in food and agricultural products

Regarding agriculture and world trade, the markets all around the world are full of agricultural products from different environments and climates. This  means that you can find wheat during every season from different countries according to their environmental conditions. This also is noticed for horticultural products. This provides a good advantage in finding what you need anytime; and it opens the way to communicate with different countries about major needsor even luxury needs.

The other point of view sees the disadvantage represented in filling markets with high quality products from various countries with somewhat low pricesso that local products disappear gradually because of expensive facilities needed for competitive local production.

This is not a good way to assist sustainability because local production is needed under local environments (to disallow the conveyance of unnecessaryforeign products as a result of the decrease of local production.

Another point is the fear of increasing prices of introduced productsdue to the lack of local products which encourage other producer countries to control consumption by localsand this  will have negative effect on sustainability especially during disasters (as we notice its effect on crop production),

The presence of competitive, local agricultural products is needed for more diversity and sustainability.

On the other hand, the local production has its desirable flavor and taste that can differ significantly from that of artificial agriculture in green houses.



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