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Science in the Developing World

March 12, 2009, 11:55 pm
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The Nature Publishing Group in collaboration with the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) [the academy of sciences for the developing world] has released A World of Science in the Developing World —a special supplement to this week’s Nature. The Supplement publication coincides with the twenty-fifth anniversary of TWAS.

The supplement’s stated goal is to examine critical issues in science, technology and innovation and in science-based international development. The articles are written by prominent scientists, many from the developing world.

The public and policy-makers are increasingly looking to the scientific community to address critical global problems. The Supplement notes that finding solutions will require the collective insights and experience of scientists, policy-makers, industry and non-governmental groups.

Also, in this week’s issue of SCIENCE (viewing this content requires free registration), TWAS Executive Director Mohamed H.A. Hassan notes in an editorial (Making One World of Science) that the global scientific community has recently been split into three worlds: the North, the surging South, and the stagnant South. He warns that those countries that are still lagging behind in science and technology should not be ignored, lest they be further marginalized.

Q: What position do you take on the landscape portrayed in the Nature Supplement and in Director Hassan’s editorial?



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