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About the Earth Forum

The Earth Forum is one component of the Earth Portal that provides the means for the interested public to engage in discussions with experts on environmental issues – science, policy, news, something happening in your local community, or on any other topic of interest.

Participation is open to members of the Earth Portal Community. Click here to join.

Certain posts are highlighted under Featured Expert Commentary while most appear under Latest Posts, and all discussions can be explored under Forum Categories.

While most comments are posted immediately, some are held for moderation if they contain three or more links or have inappropriate language. If your comment does not appear immediately, it has been flagged by our moderation process as potentially problematic. These comments are regularly reviewed, but especially on weekends, evenings and holidays, there may be some delay in reviewing otherwise non-contentious posts. Please be patient.

The staff has the right to place any comment or post on hold or completely delete it.



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