Publishing Developing Country Science Papers

June 22, 2009, 12:11 pm
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Scheme Helps Polish
Developing Country Science Papers

22 June 2009, on SciDev.Net, Naomi Antony reports on: 

A free editing service for developing country researchers who are trying to publish their work has been launched by students from leading academic institutions.

The service, SciEdit, is run by a team of undergraduate and postgraduate students in Canada, Europe and the United States. They aim to provide detailed editorial feedback in accordance with the standards of journals such as Nature and Science — where many of them have been published.

SciEdit is the brainchild of the Journal of Young Investigators — a student-led, peer-reviewed journal for undergraduates with members from more than 30 academic institutions including the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Shandong Normal University in China.

Image Legend: SciEdit adapts texts in accordance with the standards of journals such as Nature. Source: SciDev.Net/Nightingale.

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