Arab Environment: Future Challenges

The Arab Forum for Environment and Development has produced a report, "Arab Environment: Future Challenges". The report assesses the current and future state of a range of environmental issues in the region, from water scarcity to urbanisation.

Reporting (Arab environment 'under threat') on SciDev.Net on 10 March 2009, Wagdy Sawahel notes

"The fragility of the environment of the Arab region — which suffers from widespread desertification and water scarcity — will be exacerbated by climate change unless governments plan for sustainable development and invest in environmental scientific research . . . .

The region faces a temperature increase of 2–5.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, coupled with decreased precipitation of up to 20 per cent and sea level rise that could wipe out areas of agricultural land and displace millions."

View the Full Report (PDF—7.08MB)

Image: The Arab environment suffers from widespread desertification and water scarcity (Credit: flickr_OliverN5).




Draggan, S. (2009). Arab Environment: Future Challenges. Retrieved from http://www.trunity.net/Agadir_Conference_2009/view/article/51cbeadf7896bb431f6862fd


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