South-East Asian Climate Map

March 17, 2009, 4:56 pm
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Writing (South-East Asian climate map reveals disaster hotspots) on SciDev.Net on March 10, 2009, Imelda V. Abano describes

"An attempt to map the potential effects of climate change across South-East Asia . . .

The map . . . considers the region's risk of exposure to climate hazards as well as its ability to adapt to such threats, . . .

The project, 'Climate Change Vulnerability Mapping for Southeast Asia', was carried out by the International Development Research Centre's Economy and Environment Program for South-East Asia (EEPSEA) as part of a larger-scale study."

See the Full Report (PDF 1.71MB)

Figure: Climate change hotspots in South-East Asia based on five climate-related risks — tropical cyclones, floods, landslides, droughts and sea level rise. Credit: IDRC/EEPSEA.



Advisor, S. (2009). South-East Asian Climate Map. Retrieved from http://www.trunity.net/Agadir_Conference_2009/view/article/51cbeadf7896bb431f6862f9


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